The Willow Ridge Project ~ Crowsnest Pass Alberta

The Crowsnest Story

Anyone who knows us is well aware of the Willow Ridge Project, otherwise known as “The Pass”. This lengthy building project began in 2000 with a rare find of 5 acres of raw land in the small community of Bellevue Alberta. Bellevue is one of 5 towns that make up the Crowsnest Pass region located in the far southwestern corner of Alberta, near the U.S. and B.C. borders.

My goal is to use these pages of my blog to tell the whole Willow Ridge story and display a few of the thousands of images taken throughout the project.

Until then, I will include a link to a set of images posted on my brother Ron’s site a few years back. Feel free to check em’ out here.

If you would like to be kept informed when I add new posts to this story, please drop me an email.

Cheers and enjoy….   

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