Venturetour 2006 – The Last Post


All great things must come to an end, and our excellent east coast tour was no exception. After leaving Nova Scotia on Oct 19th, crossing the Bay of Fundy by ferry to Saint John, NB we spent a few days in the beautiful resort town of St. Andrews by the Sea. The image above is from that town which is stratigically located across a narrow straight from the US.

We had decided to take the U.S. route through Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. Sounds like a major trip but in reality it took less then 2 days to make our way into Ontario at Cornwall. The only real excitement there was a major wind storm in Maine that brought a tree down just a few yards behind our van. Fortunately, there was another exit to the rest area nearby.

After a great reunion with friends and family in Southwestern Ontario, we decided to leave the van in storage there for the winter, returning to Alberta on November 18th by Westjet. Since we’ll be returning to the area next summer, it made sense to avoid an early winter drive across the prairies and return instead with the van on dry roads.

I’ve selected a few final images for this post, and will finish the trip posts off with some unusual and sometimes humerous signs we came across during our travels. I hope you have enjoyed these image highlites, and as always welcome your comments.


Dock at St. Andrew’s by the Sea, N.B.



Windblown tree in Maine rest area. A close call.


CBC Broadcasting Museum in Toronto.


Actual opening set from The Friendly Giant.


The drawbridge was “automated” in the seventies. Looked suspiciously like Mecanno.

Steam Whistle brewery at the old roundhouse in Toronto.


Main entrance to the Quadica Developments Inc. world headquarters, Burford ON.


Rear yard at Quadica facility (aka: Tim’s house), with 1950’s era steam boiler built by our grandfather awaiting restoration.


Clearing area for new Quadica building. Quadica brother Russell and his son Chris.


Russell displaying one of his products under development, an HO scale miniature golf course kit.

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