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Venturetour 2006 – Week One

So we just about have our first week behind us and have pretty well ironed out all the wrinkles.


Posters on the wall of the old schoolhouse (circa 1940) in Hudson’s Bay, SK.

Of course the first few days were somewhat dishevelled. It took us a while to get things just right in the van and figure out the best routines for Willow and ourselves. Most of the van upgrades have worked out excellent, making the tight living quarters much more bearable and actually quite comfortable. (The only hiccup has been our BBQ, seems the regulator has clogged somehow so it’s been unavailable, we’ll just have to wait until Ontario for those strip loins).

Here’s some images from the week along with maps showing each day’s progress:
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Venturetour 2006 – Maritimes

Many of you will recall our 2 year around the world odyssey back in 1990 and 1991 in our 1973 VW Camper Van. In fact a lot of you supported our trip through purchasing a lapel pin and subscribing to our newsletter “The Venturetour News”.


~At Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin 1990
in the original Venturetour Van.

It’s been 15 years since Venturetour 9091 and Penny and I are finally on the road again.

And of course, a lot has changed….

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